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We provide the link that ensures a smooth coordination of all the activities on a Site, whether they are provided directly or indirectly (Activities such as Maintenance, Housekeeping/Office boys, Gardening, Catering, and Transportation etc.). Paradigm with its Management Team manages the day-to-day operations of all the services under its scope. Thus, our clients can concentrate more on their core business. The integrated approach to Services management increases the efficiency in the services delivery, reflecting on cost savings as well as quality.

Property/ Facility Operation

To provide outstanding quality, we assign a administrative team to oversee your project (for services such as security services, reception desk, cleaning services, electromechanical services and other services mentioned below) assess your goals, evaluate the services provided, obtain your feedback, and deal with any issues noted.

Technical Maintenance

  • Ordering technical and other periodic inspections of the facility and the technical equipment in accordance with the requirements of the safety, operational and other applicable regulations.
  • Direct supervision over the providers of maintenance of technical installations within the buildings (including lifts, DG, ventilation and air conditioning systems, telephone exchange, alarm and fire signaling systems)
  • Supervision and control over the repair of breakdowns and failures, and removal of their consequences

With the monsoons, heat and dust, not to mention pollution, it is necessary to take a specialized approach to the professional maintenance and upkeep of property/ facility. 

  • Tie-Ups with the leading HK services companies so as to provide specialized service.
  • Trained workforce
  • Specialized cleaning services offered in areas of specific requirements such as façade cleaning, carpet cleaning & Shampooing, etc.,
  • Utmost importance to daily cleaning and upkeep of hygiene of facility
  • Tie-Ups with Government bodies authorized Garbage clearance agencies for regular clearance and disposal of waste.
  • Standard operating procedures ensure quality service.
Security Personnel Services

  Only qualified Officers who are trained to our customer's specific requirements are deployed. The Security staffs are trained to be aware of safety hazards and their role in the facilities contingency plans.

The following risk is taken into account:

  • Burglary
  • Aggravated larceny
  • Robbery
  • Damage to property
  • Selected aspects of terrorist threats

Access Control System monitoring

  • Monitoring employee/visitors movements
  • Providing MIS reports
  • Marking out security levels and control areas.
  • Coordination with OEM
Landscape Maintenance
  • Preparation and execution of Landscaping and architectural layout.
  • An experienced and professional team that can create beautiful surroundings from any open space.
  • The team includes landscape architects, gardeners, and plant nursery workers.
  • Other activities as required in order to meet the needs of the owners/ association.
  • Expert services on hand for meeting the complexities of maintaining a hygienic, pest-free environment.
  • Careful evaluation of the problem and acting appropriately, employing the most efficient and effective methods of control
  • One-off treatments or regular control visits as per the client requirements on a contract basis
  • Always acting in a discreet way so as not to disrupt any activities.

Maintenance of Records and Documentation 

  • Facility records
  • Technical documentation of the facility
  • Administrative and legal documentation of the facility
  • Documents related to the facility operation
  • Financial documentation
  • Records of the facility area
  • Records of owners/lessees of the apartments/ facility.
  • Other

Cost Management

  • Preparation and execution of facility management plans and accounting for their performance.
  • Preparation and execution of facility maintenance budgets and accounting for their performance.
  • Analysis of the facility-related costs and initiation of activities designed to improve cost efficiency.
  • Preparation of annual financial reports on the facility operation
  • Preparation of information on incurred facility maintenance costs along with suggestions on how to optimize the costs.

Other activities as required in order to meet the needs of the owners/association.


  Identification of risks related to the property, which require taking out an insurance policy.

  • Suggesting suitable cover for building and machineries.
  • Coordinating with insurance providers to get best rates.

Additional services 

  • Catering.
  • Event co-ordinations
  • Facilitating trainers for yoga, spiritual healing, karate, swimming, dance and any sports.
  • Comprehensive proposals for betterment of commercial and residential.


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